Meric marketing domestic and foreign trade ltd . sti , our company was established in 1999 and supplies in the home textile industry at home and abroad has been one of the trusted penny . Since its inception , the industry’s product range and increasing market share , at the request of our customers respond to different tastes and needs of the aims. At the same time offering the differences and our company exports to many countries around the world gained momentum in recent years . Product concept, product mix continuously defeated the lively, diverse , our first goal was to make available .
Contribute to the Turkish economy and the best way to supply the needs of importers in Turkey and in the world market for doing all kinds of research to be the most successful import and export company
Growing in Turkey’s import – export sector is the largest, best quality , meets all the needs of importers to be firm . The world of turkey , turkey in the world to be a company that connects our customers , we live and we work in import-export sector , winning the admiration and trust of the industry is to become a pioneer .